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Monday July 1, 2024

Your smile speaks volumes about you. A bright, healthy smile leaves a lasting impression. Teeth whitening has gained immense popularity over the years, with various options available, from in-office treatments to DIY methods. But did you know you can maintain a white smile with simple changes to your daily routine?

Here are some tips from Excellence Dental of Stevens Point to keep your smile pearly white:

Brush and Floss:
Maintain a clean, healthy, and stain-free mouth by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Brushing after consuming coffee, tea, soda, or red wine helps fight discoloration.

Watch Your Diet:
Certain foods and drinks can cause dull or stained teeth. Wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and berries contain substances that stain teeth. Chromogens found in these items stick to the enamel, causing a dull appearance.

Quit Smoking:
Smoking not only harms your heart and lungs but also affects your oral health. It leads to tooth discoloration, increased plaque buildup, gum disease, and more.

Regular Dental Visits:
Dental cleanings and exams are crucial for maintaining bright, healthy teeth. Depending on your oral health, you may need frequent follow-up visits. Don’t forget to schedule appointments twice a year.

Even if you opt for in-office whitening or over-the-counter products, your teeth require extra care to maintain the initial results. By incorporating flossing, making lifestyle changes, and visiting your dentist regularly, you can keep your teeth looking bright and healthy.

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